Hi, I’m Anahita!

I’m a licensed psychologist and business coach, helping therapists in solo private practice launch transformational group practices that ensure profit, compassion, and fun. I teach every component of developing a group practice, from marketing and business skills to hiring and onboarding clinicians to automating your practice and redefining your relationship with money. It’s all with a focus on helping therapists move from burnout and financial stress to enthusiasm for their work and having a whole lot more fun in life.

I’ve always loved my work as a psychologist; in fact, I still do. But you know what I love even more? The freedom and joy I’ve found through owning a group practice.

I’m the proud mama of two adventurous toddlers and two lovable pups. As a Colorado native, surrounded by the great outdoors, I’ve always believed in work-life balance. But as a solo private practice clinician, that was starting to feel impossible.

I was working long hours, and not bringing in the income I needed to give my family the life I wanted for them. I was overwhelmed by administrative responsibilities, and yet I felt tied to my therapist chair, trying to cram in as many client hours as I could. The quality of my care for clients was suffering. My ability to show up for my family was deteriorating. And time for self-care and hobbies? Nonexistent.

That experience of burnout and strain is what led me to build a badass therapy group practice, expanding from solo to ten therapists, one admin, and one supervisor–all in just six months! In that first year alone, we brought in $500K. And my income as the practice owner was 35% of that.

Yes, you did the math right. That’s $175,000. Working 25 hours per week.

How do I know that exact number? Because I implemented the Profit First for Therapists Method in my practice. It not only established the financial health of my practice, but it also allowed me to make smart money decisions that have led to insane profitability. I’ve been able to cut my caseload in half, while doubling my income.

I’m here to offer you the exact step-by-step strategies that I implemented when I shifted from solo to group practice. I was profitable from the beginning! And month over month, I’ve only seen an increase in revenue and income. I believe so strongly in sharing what I’ve learned with others, because I genuinely want YOU to experience the level of success and work-life balance that I’ve been able to achieve.

No more not seeing my kids until 7pm at night because I was seeing clients well into the evening. I’ve finally had the time to be able to workout during the day instead of coming home from a long day of work and doing it then. We’re about to retire my husband so he can be a stay at home dad to our kiddos.

My new mission now is to help as many ambitious and visionary therapists like you to find the same freedom and joy I have through group practice. You can have this. I mean that with all my heart.

About Me

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I’m multipassionate:

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. It’s a part of who I am and something I love to do. I recorded an album in Nashville (before streaming was a thing) and they are still some of my favorite songs to this day. I believe there’s room for you to achieve one of your bucket list items too!! Check out this tune on perfectionism… Pretty fitting for women like us!

Check out my journal collection HERE

I’m a busy working professional too:

I get it.. the struggle is real. I’m juggling sports / therapies / school events / meetings / work / household responsibilities / etc and it’s a lot. It’s hard to slow down - to know exactly how to spend our time and how to show up as our best selves in all the roles we play. But finding emotional freedom is what it’s all about while being able to enjoy and appreciate our one and only life in everything we do.

I’m inspired:

I’m inspired to lead others to change and self discovery. I’m eager to learn and to create opportunities where collectively we can grow from a shared experience. I’ve hosted vision board workshops and led other virtual and in person events that allowed women to dream about what’s possible in their lives. It’s who I am and what I have incorporated into this program as well. You are not alone!

I’m Obsessed:

I’m obsessed with understanding human behavior, mindset and solving problems. I am curious to a fault and have a passion for studying personal development and self improvement that I apply to help me better understand what’s needed to help my clients be more present and enjoy their lives. I ponder my client’s problems and develop content designed to help them untangle their anxiety and overthinking in the shortest amount of time possible. If you want someone who is ALL IN…. I’m your girl!!