"Anahita is The Group Practice Girl Boss! As a solo practitioner I was feeling overwhelmed about hiring my first therapist and trying to figure out how to pay them and my admin equitably. Anahita saw my struggle and without any hesitation, jumped right in to assist me. Within minutes she was able to provide guidance about my specific needs and budget and establishing fair and competitive compensation for new team members. I now feel confident and was able to take the next step in growing my practice. Thanks to Anahita, I have a clear framework for offering competitive compensation packages.


I highly recommend you join Anahita's Facebook Group "Private practice to Group practice accelerator for clinicians and therapists" because she is truly The Group Practice Girl Boss and will help you go from solo to group practice."

- Juana Lyles


"From the first session, coaching with Anahita for scaling my practice instilled me with confidence in areas where I previously felt totally at a loss. I had no idea where to start, but this course got me set up to build my solo practice into a group practice before I thought it would be possible. The fundamentals of interviewing, hiring, and finance that I took away are invaluable and have made me prepared to build something that’s thriving not just for me, but for other counselors and interns who are excited to work in the same way I am. If you are a solo practitioner looking to expand, this is the best thing to do next."

- Mike Ensley

"Anahita has been instrumental in helping me to get my solo practice set up to become a group practice. She has a wealth of knowledge of all things group practice, and what she does not know she'll find out for you right away! I got some news while we were working together and she swiftly helped me navigate how it might impact my practice and made me feel less alone in figuring it out. I felt super supported by her!


She is also such an easy person to work with and is incredibly encouraging while helping work through my insecurities. She has been so helpful with assisting me in making important decisions and gives excellent guidance! I highly recommend her as a coach or for anyone looking for build a group practice."

Ann Weatherby


Since working with Anahita, I’ve gone from spending months visioning to being able to take action quickly. I really appreciate her balance of being kind and open and also direct and focused. I’ve benefited from both the mindset and practical parts of working together.

Alexandra Weaverling

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